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Drive-In Movie Theaters in Colorado | Drive-In Movie Theaters in CO

Please enjoy our list of all of the drive-in movie theaters in Colorado.

88 Drive-In Theatre

The 88 Drive-In Theatre maintains a single screen that shows a single double feature, two nights per week. In addition to offering movies, they have their own motorsport car that they race.

Location: 8780 Rosemary Street, Commerce City, CO (Just North of the City)
Telephone: 303-287-7717
Ticket Prices: $8 per adult, free for children under 12

Holiday Twin Drive-In

The Holiday Twin Drive-In offers two double features, one on each of its two screens. They run seven days per week during midsummer and on weekends for the rest of the summer. They have a full concession stand, including a wide range of options such as bratwurst.

Location: 2206 South Overland Trail, Fort Collins, CO (Southwest of Town)
Telephone: 970-221-1244
Ticket Prices: Adults $6, Seniors 65+ $4, Children 6-11 $2, Children Under 6 Free

Mesa Drive-In

The Mesa Drive-In offers three screens, each showing a different double feature. They usually reserve one of these screens for family-friendly entertainment. They offer a wide range of concessions, including a variety of types of hamburger.

Location: 2620 Santa Fe Drive, Pueblo, CO (Just East of the City)
Telephone: 719-542-3345
Ticket Prices: Adults $7.50, Children Under 12 Free

Star Drive-In (Monte Vista)

The Star Drive-In in Monte Vista is one of two drive ins with that name in Colorado. They have a very interesting set up with the local Best Western motel, called the Best Western Movie Manor. You can rent a room in the hotel and watch the movie from your room, if you like, rather than drive in with your car. Since the sound goes over the radio, you can listen to the movie as well.

Location: 2830 US Highway 160 West, Monte Vista, CO (West of Town)
Telephone: 719-852-2613
Ticket Prices: Call
Website: None

Star Drive-In Theatre (Montrose)

The Star Drive-In Theatre in Montrose is the other of two drive-ins with the same name in Colorado. The drive-in is now sixty-two years old, and has been owned by the same people for the entire time. They show double features on their single screen every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Movies start at dusk.

Location: 600 Miami St, Montrose, CO (On the East End of Town)
Telephone: 970-249-6170
Ticket Prices: Adults 12+ $7, Seniors 60+ $5, Children Under 12 Free

Starlite Drive In

The Starlite Drive In shows one double feature on a single screen every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night during the summer. They were recently acquired by the local Fox 5 Theatre, so much of their information has recently been updated. They have a no cell phone policy and a no outside food policy.

Location: 16653 Highway 14, Sterling, CO (West of Town)
Telephone: 970-522-1719
Ticket Prices: Adults 11+ $6, Children $3 up to a maximum cost of $15 per carload

Tru Vu Drive In

The Tru Vu Drive In offers a single double feature every night during the summer months. They offer made-to-order burgers in their concession stands. They are associated with the local indoor Egyptian Theatre.

Location: 1001 Highway 92, Delta, CO (Just North of Town)
Telephone: 970-874-9556
Ticket Prices: Adults 12+ $7, Children Under 12 Free