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Drive-In Movie Theaters in Iowa | Drive-In Movie Theaters in IA

Please enjoy our list of drive in movie theaters in Iowa.

61 Drive In Theatre

The 61 Drive In Theatre shows a single double feature every night of the week during the peak season and on weekends during the off-season. They maintain a very active Facebook page where they interact regularly with their patrons.

Location: 11279 140th Street, Davenport, IA (Near the Intersection of Highways 61 and 136)
Telephone: 563-674-4367
Ticket Prices: Adults 13+ $7.50, Children 5-12 $3.50, Children Under 5 Free
Showtimes: (Check for posts by “61 Drive In Theatre”)

Grand View Drive-In Theater

The Grand View Drive-In Theater shows double and sometimes triple features on weekends on a single screen. They also have special events like a Halloween tent night. Their website has coupons on it, so be sure to print some off before heading over.

Location: Just north of Grandview along Highway 61
Telephone: 319-729-2929
Ticket Prices: Adults $7, Children $3

Superior 71 Drive-In Theater

The Superior 71 Drive-In Theater shows first-run double features from Friday through Sunday nights. The ticket booth opens at 6:30 and major credit cards are accepted. Their concessions includes barbeque and caramel dogs.

Location: 1482 Highway 71, Spirit Lake, IA (East of Town)
Telephone: 712-336-0700
Ticket Prices: Adults 13+ $7, Children 7-12 $2, Children Under 7 Free

Valle Drive-In

The Valle Drive-In was founded in 1949, and is the oldest remaining drive-in in the state of Iowa. It has a single screen that shows double features Friday through Monday nights. They accept only cash for both tickets and concessions. They also maintain a Facebook page where you can ask about upcoming attractions and chat with other patrons.

Location: 4074 Highway F48, Newton, IA (Just West of Town)
Telephone: 641-792-3558
Ticket Prices: Adults 12+ $7.50, Children 5-11 $3, Children Under 5 Free