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Drive-In Movie Theaters in Kansas | Drive-In Movie Theaters in KS

Please enjoy our list of drive-in movie theaters in Kansas.

Boulevard Drive In Theatre

The Boulevard Drive In Theatre shows double and occasionally triple features on their single screen on weekends. They have installed a complete digital sound system that is state-of-the-art for drive-ins. They have special events, such as concerts, and operate as a swap shop on Saturdays and Sundays.

Location: 1051 Merriam Lane, Kansas City, KS (In the South End of the City)
Telephone: 913-262-2414
Ticket Prices: Adults 12+ $8, Children Under 12 Free

Kanopolis Drive-In Theatere

The Kanopolis Drive-In Theatre has been open since 1952, and focuses on providing family entertainment. They have a children’s play area up near the screen and are themselves family-owned and operated. They are open from April to September.

Location: 804 North Kansas Avenue, Kanopolis, KS (At the North End of Town)
Telephone: 785-472-4786
Ticket Prices: Adults 13+ $7, Children 5-12 $5, Children Under 5 Free


Mid-Way Drive-In Theatre

The Mid-Way Drive-In Theatre is an especially small drive in, with room for only 240 cars. However, this allows them to have very friendly service. They recently upgraded to radio sound, and have reasonable rates. Note that they maintain no web presence, so you will need to call for showtimes.

Location: 29591 West 327th Street, Paola, KS (Southwest of Kansas City)
Telephone: 913-755-2325
Ticket Prices: Adults $6, Children $1
Website: None
Showtimes: Call

Pageant Drive-In

The Pageant Drive-In, founded in 1952, shows a single feature on its screen from May to August. They offer sound both on traditional speakers and on FM radio, depending on your taste. It has been consistently owned and operated by the Sill family since 1968.

Location: East of Medicine Lodge, Kansas, on Pageant Drive (Old Highway 160)
Telephone: 620-886-5358
Ticket Prices: Adults 12+ $5, Children 4-11 $3

South Drive In Theatre

The South Drive In Theatre shows double and sometimes triple features on weekends during the summer season. You can choose whether you want to hear the movie on speakers or on FM radio. They have a full concession stand, including desserts.

Location: 1019 W Mcartor Rd, Dodge City, KS (In the Southwest Quarter of Town)
Telephone: 620-225-4301
Ticket Prices: $13 per carload

Starlite Drive-In Theatre

The Starlite Drive-In Theatre shows triple features on each of its two screens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Their concession stand has the usual fare plus speciality items like funnel cakes. Credit cards are not accepted for admission, but are accepted at the concession stand.

Location: 3900 S Hydraulic St, Wichita, KS (In the South End of the City)
Telephone: 316-524-2424
Ticket Prices: $10 per carload

Star-Vu Drive-In

The Star-Vu Drive-In has a single screen, and shows double features on the weekend during the summer season. The theater can be rented for special events. In addition, they go out of their way to have special features. For instance, when they showed Dukes of Hazzard, they brought in the actual car from the movie.

Location: 1010 S Haverhill Road, El Dorado, KS 67042 (At the Southwest Corner of Town)
Telephone: 316-322-0045
Ticket Prices: Adults $6, Children $4
Showtimes: (Combine the times under the “info” tab with the shows announced by “Star-Vu Drive-In”)