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Drive-In Movie Theaters in Georgia | Drive-In Movie Theaters in GA

Please enjoy our list of the drive-in movie theaters in Georgia.

Jesup Twin Drive-In

The Jesup Twin Drive-In maintains two screens that are open throughout the summer and show first run films. The cinema offers a full range of concessions, and the concession stand stays open throughout the whole film.

Location: 3686 Savannah Highway/Highway 301 North, Jesup, GA (Northeast of Town)
Telephone: 912-427-7254
Ticket Prices: Adults 12+ $7, Children 4-11 $3, Children Under 4 Free

Starlight Six Drive-In

As the name implies, the Starlight Six Drive-In features six separate screens each featuring a different double feature. They feature coupons on their website, providing free drinks with certain food purchases. They also have special events such as concerts and Independence Day celebrations.

Location: 2000 Moreland Avenue Southeast, Atlanta, GA (Southeast of the City)
Telephone: 404-635-1087
Ticket Prices: Adults 10+ $7, Children Under 10 $1

Swan Drive-In

The Swan Drive-In shows movies every weekend, with a double feature on Fridays and Saturdays and a single movie on Sundays. They were founded in 1955 by H.W. Tilley, a veteran of the Normandy invasion, who discovered swans during his time in England and decided to name his theater after them. The theater provides a full concession stand.

Location: 651 Summit Street, Blue Ridge, GA (Just Southwest of Town)
Telephone: 706-632-5235
Ticket Prices: Adults 12+ $6, Children 4-11 $3, Children Under 4 Free
Showtimes: (Click on the “Now Showing” Tab)

Tiger Drive-In

The Tiger Drive-In was founded in 1955, closed, but reopened in 2004. They are open weekends from Friday to Sunday, and provide a much wider experience than most drive ins. The Tiger Drive-In has become a center for local culture. Before their films, they have a grill that opens, so you can come and have dinner hours before the film starts. They also have special nights, like “Hot Rod” night and local competitions like the “Tiger Idol Contest”. Pets are welcome.

Location: 2956 Old 441 South, Tiger, GA (Southwest of Clayton)
Telephone: 706-782-1611
Ticket Prices: Adults 12+ $7, Children 4-11 $4, Children Under 4 Free

Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theater

The Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theater is one of those things you very rarely see – a brand new movie theater. It opened in 2005, and, as a result, has brand new screens and equipment. The theater shows two double features from Friday to Sunday nights every weekend. Outside food is not allowed.

Location: 217 Old Hales Gap Road, Trenton, GA (About Ten Miles Northeast of the City)
Telephone: 706-657-8411
Ticket Prices: General Admission 4+ $5, Children Under 4 Free