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Drive-In Movie Theaters in Michigan | Drive-In Movie Theaters in MI

Please enjoy our list of drive-in movie theaters in Michigan.

5-Mile Drive-In Theatre

5-Mile Drive-InThe 5 Mile Drive-In Theatre is a single-screen theater that opens at 7 p.m. during the summer months (though they won’t start the film until dark). It shows a double feature each weekend. They do not allow for outside food to be brought into the theater, and this policy is enforced, but they offer a full range of concession foods. It was purchased in 2006 by the Edwardses, who also run the Sunset Auto Theatre.

Address: 28190 M-152, Dowagiac, MI
Telephone: 269-782-7879
Ticket Prices: $14 per car
Showtimes: Call

Capri Drive-In Theater

The Capri Drive-In Theater opened in 1964 and is open during the spring and summer seasons and shows double features on each of its two screens from Friday through Sunday nights. They have video games and tables for eating before the show. Cash only is accepted at the drive in. You are allowed to bring outside food, but they ask that you at least look at their menu (like most drive-ins, their profits come mostly from concessions)

Location: 119 West Chicago Road, Coldwater, MI (Just West of Town)
Telephone: 517-278-5628
Ticket Prices: Adults $8, Children $2

Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre

The Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre shows double features on a single screen during the spring and summer seasons. They have a number of family-oriented activities including a playground and actors dressed up as movie characters. In addition to providing a concession stand, they have a diner so that you can enjoy a meal before the show.

Location: 9812 Honor Highway, Honor, MI (West of Town)
Telephone: 231-325-3413
Ticket Prices: Adult 12+ $8.50, Children Free

Compuware Arena Drive-In Theatre

Compuware Arena Drive-InThe Compuware Arena Drive-In is actually a part of a larger complex, the Compuware Arena, which hosts the Plymouth Whalers, an OHL hockey team. However, the drive-in itself is quite large, featuring three screens that show first-run double features every night from early June to early September. No outside food is allowed in the theatre, but there is a cash-only concession stand available.

Location: 14900 Beck Road, Plymouth, MI
Telephone: 734-453-8400
Ticket Prices: Adult 13+ $10, Children 4-12 $8, Chidren Under 4 Free, Students $8

Danny Boy’s Drive-In Movie Theater

Danny Boy's Drive-In Movie Theater LogoDanny Boy’s Drive-In Movie Theater is something we don’t see many of any more: a new drive-in movie theater! Instead of a traditional screen, they use a modern, inflatable screen, and have invested into recreating the atmosphere of the ’60s and ’70s. A “snack pass” of $5 per car will allow you to bring in your own food, or you can use the concession stand.

Location: 3613 Sout State Road, Ionia, MI (South of Town)
Telephone: 800-621-3064
Ticket Prices: Adult 15+ $7, Children 4-14 $5, Children Under 4 Free

Ford Drive-In Theater

Ford Drive-InThe Ford Drive-In Theater in Dearborn, Michigan offers five separate screens, each showing first-run double features, five nights per week. It includes playgrounds for children if they get bored sitting in the car, and a concession stand from the 1950s that has kept its original style.

Location: 10400 Ford Road, Dearborn, MI
Telephone: 313-846-6910
Ticket Prices: $8.50 per person

Getty Drive-In Theatre

The Getty Drive-In Theatre offers four screens, each of which show double features during the spring and summer seasons. They are a part of the Celebration! Cinema chain, and date back to 1948. They include matinee shows featuring children’s films.

Location: 920 East Summit Avenue, Norton Shores, MI
Telephone: 231-798-2608 ‎
Ticket Prices: $10 per person, $25 per carload

Hi-Way Drive-In

Hi-Way Drive-InThe Hi-Way Drive-In Theater is the oldest drive-in theater in Michigan, dating back to 1948. They offer first run films on a single screen, and offer a full range of concessions. The Hi-Way was once the subject of a documentary about drive-ins, and you can find a link to it on their website here.

Location: 2778 East Sanilac Road (M-46), Carsonville, MI
Telephone: 810-657-6684
Ticket Prices: Adults 12+ $7, Children 3-11 $5, Children Under 2 Free

Sunset Auto Theatre

Sunset Drive-InThe Sunset Auto Theatre provides a single double feature on weekends, featuring first-run movies. It is owned by the Edwardses, who also run the 5-Mile Drive-In. It is a favorite place for local residents, and prides itself on being family friendly and being an independent, community theater. Outside food is not allowed, but they offer a full range of concession foods including popcorn and chili dogs.

Location: 69071 Red Arrow Highway, Hartford, Michigan
Telephone: 269-621-4194
Ticket Prices: $14 per car
Website: None
Showtimes: Call

US 23 Drive-In Theater

US 23 Drive-InThe US 23 Drive-In Theater offers three screens, each offering a first-run double feature, seven nights per week. The theater was opened in 1951, and was run by the Warrington family until 2009, when it was sold to The Theater Group following Lou Warrington’s death. Nonetheless, this local institution has continued to thrive, and can serve up to 1500 cars at a time. It has a full concession stand, including hot dogs and hamburgers for its hungrier clients.

Location: 5200 Fenton Road, Flint, MI
Telephone: 810-238-0751
Ticket Prices: Adults 13+ $8, Children 3-12 $6, Children Under 2 Free