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Drive-In Movie Theaters in Maine | Drive-In Movie Theaters in ME

Please enjoy our list of all of the drive-in movie theaters in Maine.

Bridgton Drive-In Theatre

The Bridgton Drive-In Theatre shows double features every night during the summer season and on weekends during the fall season. They have two screens, each showing its own double feature. They will sometimes have triple features for holiday weekends.

Location: 383 Portland Road, Bridgton, ME (Just South of Town)
Telephone: 207-647-8666
Ticket Prices: Adults 12+ $6, Children Under 12 $4

Junction General Store and Entertainment Park

The Junction Entertainment and Music Park isn’t a drive-in movie theater per se, but an outdoor festival that lasts all summer long including concerts, river trips and some drive-in movies. Movies currently happen only in June. The movies are not first run, but they form a part of an overall entertainment center that is one of the highlights of Maine’s local culture.

Location: 197 Davis Street, Route 11, Brownville Junction, ME (North of Brownville Junction)
Telephone: 207-965-8876
Ticket Prices: $5 per carload

Prides Corner Drive-In

The Prides Corner Drive-In provides double and sometimes triple features on a single screen. They are open all day during the summer season and on weekends during the offseason. They have a very classic looking concession stand.

Location: 651 Bridgton Road, Westbrook, ME (Northwest of Portland)
Telephone: 207-797-3154
Ticket Prices: Adults 12+ $7, Children 5-11 $5, Children Under 5 Free
Showtimes: (Look for posts by “Prides Corner Drive-In”)

Saco Drive-In Theater

The Saco Drive-In Theater is one of the oldest drive-ins in the United States, having been founded in 1938. They have a single screen, showing double features during the week for the summers and on weekends for the fall. They have a grass surface, rather than asphalt, and they allow pets.

Location: 969 Portland Road, Saco, ME (Northeast of Town)
Telephone: 207-284-1016
Ticket Prices: $15 per carload

Skowhegan Drive-In

The Skowhegan Drive-In shows double features on a single screen during the summer season. They have reasonably priced concession stand products, and provide a family-friendly atmosphere.

Location: 201 Waterville Road, Skowhegan, ME (Just East of Town)
Telephone: 207-474-9277
Ticket Prices: Adults 12+ $6, Children 6-11 $1, Children Under 6 Free

Skylite Drive-In

The Skylite Drive-In shows a single first-run feature every night on its single screen. The Skylite is the northernmost drive-in in the United States, and its films start at dusk, so even a single film can run relatively late. They still have a working speaker system for those who don’t want to use their own radios.

Location: 201 Fox Street, Madawaska, ME (Just West of Town)
Telephone: 207-728-7583
Ticket Prices: Adults 12+ $7, Children Under 12 Free